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Welcome to Nelson X Creative - A Video Game design and development Agency based in Nottingham with over 20 years experience in the games and entertainment industry.


With over 20 released titles, we are sure we have the experience to Design a world-class product. Specialist with brand IP, free to play games and on-going services. Consultation for Game Design, RFPs and GDD creation.


As an agency we work with many top developers to ensure games of the highest quality. It is a core value of ours to deliver the best quality experience to build upon the games as a service, and grow as a business. 


On time and on quality is essential in a competitive market. Here at Nelson X Creative we pride our track record of managing the scope and schedule for our projects without compromising on the content and quality.

About me

Freelance contract Video Game designer, Narrative designer, Producer and Product Manager for all sorts of Apps, Movies, Comics, Books and Physical Games.

If you need help creating the next cool thing, consulting on live-ops and content updates or have an idea for an app. Get in touch.

Screenshot 2020-01-03 at 12.56.05.png

Innovative puzzle game, with buttons!




Millions of possible combinations to defeat the level sequences set by 'iO' the angry Ai Robot who has taken control of the starship Mneme, during a recolonisation mission to the moon Calisto.


You are the sole survivor, and you must hack your way back into the ship to shut down the rogue program. Alone and drifting in space, you must recall your training and input the correct button combinations to unlock the story of the mission and more and more difficult challenges.


Solve the puzzles and save the Human race!




100+ levels, more added each month!


Press the buttons and see what happens!


Can you solve the colour combinations? The mysterious symbols? The patterns?


iO thinks... You cannot. Stupid Human.

image (29).png

“Trying to keep on top of the game's logic while working to discover secret combos can be a real joy, and it's all wrapped up in a simple yet compelling sci-fi yarn.”


“It's just so darn satisfying on a primal level to push some buttons.”

“BUTTONSiO is definitely one to try if you're in the market for a tricky puzzler with a fun personality and no shortage of tricks up its sleeve.”


Pocket Gamer

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