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With over 20 years experience working in the gaming industry, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge about what makes a game work and how to turn an idea into a commercial product.

This is a selection of my published works.



The Island: Survival Challenge

Lead Designer & Production, based on the Channel 4 TV show.

Responsible for all creative content, script, budget and delivery.

TIGA 2018 Nominated!


NXC GAMES Is the independent video game development side of NelsonXcreative. We are pleased to announce our new handheld puzzle game 'BUTTONSiO', coming to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in spring 2020!


An innovative puzzle game in which the player must tap loads (and loads!) of buttons to complete patterns and sequences set by an angry AI robot called 'iO'.


If the player successfully completes the sequences, iO will NOT be pleased! And you won't like iO when she is angry!

Over 250 levels at launch, and more added each week. Coming spring 2020.

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